Fall Newsletter 2016

Resort Management System
2016 Fall Newsletter 
Dear Barbara,
The Resort Management System provides property managers both large and small with a versatile Reservation Booking system, Advanced Accounting, Maintenance Work Orders and a full Reports menu. This quarterly newsletter provides you with RMS news and tips on using your RMS.
Hurricane Matthew Update
Many of you contacted us to make sure all was well in Charleston and we appreciate your support and patience!  No damage was done and hosted data is always safe and secure in the cloud with redundant backups daily.

We attempted to reach out to all our clients who may have been impacted by Hurricane Matthew and we are always available to support and assist with getting your RMS caught up with any changes you were forced to make because of the storm.

RMS does have a way for you to email all your owners a quick owner memo.  If you missed it in the previous newsletter you can check it out here: Owner Memo

HomeAway, VRBO, GTHY, FlipKey Integration

If you are integrated with ANY listing site it is REQUIRED that you notify your listing contact about any newproperties you would like to list. You will give them the new property UNIT ID.  This is a field in the Unit File and is labelled Unit ID.

DO NOT CHANGE your UNIT ID without notifying your listing site representative or your feed to that unit's listing will break.  That means your calendars will no longer update and any changes you make in RMS will not get updated to the site.

HomeAway and VRBO listings only- If you change anything in your AUD such as HEADLINE or any of the AMENITIES you must update the Unit in AUD and you must go to that unit's file in RMS and click OK to update the LAST CHANGE DATE.  The Unit Detail page in your RMS should display the same date as the date of your last AUD update.

Our Programming department in collaboration with HomeAway has been working to UPDATE the integration process.  This update will be applied automatically and will improve some issues regarding minimum stays and check-in days that the listing site was having with RMS feeds.

There will be more from programming in the next newsletter.  Until then, happy booking!

03 November 2016, 13:19