Holiday Newsletter

decorated_wreath.jpg In RMS, Rate and Seasons files may apply to units, equipment, recurring fees and charges including travel insurance. Be very careful when editing Season records that are shared.

Typically a standard Season is set up for most or all Unit Rates.  If all your Unit Rates are using the same season then you only have to edit one Season File to impact all units. Dates are changed in the Seasons File.  Rental Rates are changed in the Unit Rates File.  You can find both these icons easily from the Files Navigation menu

red-ornament-sm.jpg Season Supplements in RMS allow you to set up controls for minimum nights stays per season as well as check-in and check-out days.The Season Supplement icon is available on the Files menu.

Each season supplement MUST use the same season as the unit that will use it.  Be sure to assign each season a minimum night stay and check-in and check-out day.  You must enter values for each season even if you allow a 1 night stay and check-in on any day. Once the Season Supplement is created assign it in the Unit File.


  • Print, Review and Finalize your December 2016 Owner Statements
  • Print your Tax Report
  • Print 1099s for Owners and Vendors
  • Print Year End Totals and any other Reports for Owners
  • Add a year to the Booking Calendar as needed
  • Check your Seasons and Rates for next year and edit as needed!

Have a Healthy and Prosperous New Year from RMS!

03 January 2017, 19:07