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RMS Spring Newsletter
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Spring Greetings to all our AdvancedCare members!
Programming released an update which all hosted RMS users received automatically.  PC based users need to say YES to the update after it downloads in order for it to install or apply to your PC-based system.  If your version information reads anything but please send us an email or give us a call and let us know so that we can assist you in getting the latest update.
Our newsletters are full of information and tips on using your software.  Check out how RMS will be working with some new partners including Vacation Storebuilder for easy to deploy and manage vacation rental websites and Glad to Have You mobile device application, learn about these new partners and more.  Old newsletters are always available for your review in the Newsletter Archive. 


 New Online Booking Options with RMS!

If you are currently using RMS Online Booking and are considering changes to your website you may be interested in our new online booking Pages that can be plugged into an RMS users website and display unit and calendar information live from RMS.resvuniticon  The new template pages are SEO friendly.  That means search engines like these pages which can lead to increased visibility of your website on the internet.  Your properties are more likely to come up higher in web searches with these new pages!  If you are interested in customizing your website don't forget to tell your webmaster your RMS has an API available.  Beautiful integrated web pages can be created for a fully customized experience for your guests.  Many of our users have requested these must-have new features.  There may be a short wait to get these new pages installed so sign up today!  Call Sean at ext# 207 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like more information or to set up a demo.

   VacationStorebuilder rmssmall
RMS welcomes our new partner Vacation Storebuilder.  If you don't have a website or want to build a new website consider our partner Vacation Storebuilder.  VSB can get your site up and running combining content driven from RMS with the creativity and marketing tools that Vacation Storebuilder excels in. 
RMS recognized a need for vacation rental managers to have the freedom to edit their own websites and retrieve marketing data. RMS is excited to offer vacation rental managers this opportunity to access affordable options to build and maintain websites without the high cost of development, and to take advantage of online marketing channels and increase bookings revenue.   For more information contact Sean at ext.# 207 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pet Fees and Other ChargesPetFriendly  

    Allowing pets may boost occupancy rates and like any extra fee, RMS can assist you in managing your pet policy.  Here are some things to consider:


First, set your pet policy.  Are you limited to small dogs under 50 pounds?  Are certain breeds excluded by your insurance policy?  Define your rules and regulations clearly for your guests and their pets.


Would you like to add a pet letter to your RMS outlining your pet policy and services available for pets?  This may be done using the Reservation Form letter in Custom letters or it can be a link to an online content letter.  Be sure and ask RMS Support if you need help setting up RMS letters or online content letters.


Do you want "Pets Allowed" to be a searchable field in RMS?  RMS allows for 6 customizable search fields that can also appear on your website.  If you have only a small number of units you may wish to have "Pet Friendly" mentioned elsewhere in the unit details.


Do you want to charge a pet fee?  Is there a pet deposit?  In RMS a pet fee can be charged per reservation or per night and for each pet. RMS can be set to prompt for the quantity of pets.


Whether its a pet fee or bicycle rentals RMS can assist you in managing the details that help your guests have the kind of experience that they'll tell their friends and family about and keep coming back year after year.

Questions?  Give us a call, email or submit a ticket at resortpilot.com 843.795.4110 800-366-5152   
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Travel Insurance in RMS 


Do you offer Travel Insurance for your guests?
RMS makes it easy.  Travel Insurance will calculate automatically at the time of booking.  Travel insurance provides you with extra revenue at no extra cost.  Choose from one of our partners:  

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Credit Card Processing in RMS 


RMS makes it easy for you to process credit cards in RMS by offering you integration with  leading credit card processors in the industry.


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RMS partners with FlipKey,  TripAdvisor and HomeAway to offer property managers a way to promote their listings to millions of travelers monthly.  Gather reviews and publish them to your website .



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