RMS Summer Newsletter 2016

The RMS Newsletter is emailed quarterly to all our AdvancedCare members to provide RMS news, support and contact information.

We know you are super busy which is why we also publish the newsletters on our support site resortpilot.com as well as on our

website under archived newsletters.

RMS letters help you communicate with your guests and owners. Each letter has a specific role and you can design or write a letter with your specific goal in mind.  What are you communicating in your letters?  RMS letters use powerful merge tag technology allowing you to populate letters with data from your RMS. Reservation information or unit details are included in your letters with the right merge tags. 

Probably one mutual goal both you and the guest have is to have your EXPECTATIONS met. One important letter that can assist you in fulfilling this goal is the Guest License Agreement. It is a list of your rules and policies that the guest agrees to abide by during his stay.   The list may include every policy from check-in and check-out time to rules of respect for the property even cancellation or early departure policies.  Some property managers include additional HOA rules often in a separate agreement or special instructions for pool usage or golf cart usage.

Online pictures of a property should match what the guest sees when they arrive for example. It is important to state clearly and honestly what amenities are available for the guest from the start as well as what the rules are for the guest.  This information should be clear and honest on the website and wherever your property is advertised.

Advertising honestly is important as well as communicating clearly in your letters and meeting expectations.  What about exceeding expectations?  You probably have a lot to offer and more than they realize! You have probably heard the phrase, "under promise and over deliver"?  It can work in your vacation rental business too! One thing you might consider is communicating a detail or benefit exclusively in the Final Instructions Letter or the Pre-arrival letter.  It might be an added value previously undisclosed such as "Tennis court fees are included with your rental!" or a promo code for a discount at a nearby restaurant or attraction you have partnered with.  Exceeding the guests expectations can lead to good reviews, returning guests, happy owners and happy you!

RMS integrates with Kaba Locks, Resort Locks and PointCentral. Lock integration allows you to generate key codes from RMS for your reservations. The keycodes are given to your guest prior to arrival or according to your policy. RMS can also generate unit key codes for property managers to give to vendors. The key code may be disclosed to the guest ( using a merge tag) in the Final Instructions letter. New key codes may be created if a key is lost and key code history is stored in RMS for the property managers benefit.

The first step in lock integration is to contact the lock company you are using and tell them you use RMS software and would like to integrate your account. Some Lock companies have automatic environmental controls available for your properties as well as lock management features.
Our lock company will give you a list of Lock ID codes to enter in the RMS Unit File.

Your lock company contacts RMS and we will install the necessary components for the integration.

Your installation will also activate the Utilities:
"Generate New Key Codes" and "View Key Code H
Lock integration is an efficient way to generate new keycodes automatically.
Communicating the new keys to the guest using the Final Instructions letter allows  you to have all your information centralized in RMS

If you would like to take advantage of Lock Integration or any of our additional modules, please give us a call 1-843-795-4110 or submit a ticket at ResortPilot.com so we can help you get started today!

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16 August 2016, 16:03